My Health Record

The Doctors at Broadbeach Medical Centre can access your 'My Health Record'.

The government are working towards each and every one of us having an electronic health record. All your information in one spot.

When you visit your regular Doctor, a 'Shared Health Summary' will be uploaded. This document contains:
  • Adverse Reactions  - states which drug causes the reaction and how this manifests
  • Medications - current medications, dose and directions 
  • Medical History - Specific medical history
  • Immunisations - until the age of 7 from ACIR (work is currently under way to add all immunisations to your record)

The doctor will upload the summary in consultation with you, allowing you and your doctor to discuss relevant information to add or omit. Your full medical file will NEVER be uploaded.

The idea behind the record is to have your up to date, relevant information in one place. Clinicians around Australia will be able to login and view your file.

If you are on holiday and are unlucky enough to end up in hospital, the treating doctor can have your up to date and relevant medical information at their fingertips. When you leave hospital the doctor will upload a 'Discharge Summary'. When you return to your regular Doctor, they will be able to see what happened in hospital, what medication you were given and any other necessary information.

If you visit a Doctor, other than your regular Doctor, they will upload an 'Event Summary', again keeping all your information in one spot.

You can access this record if you wish. You can also set notifications, such as an SMS sent to you, each time someone logs into your record.

We encourage all patients to register for a My Health Record.

How to register:

Click on this link to register for your My Health Record 
Next time you visit Broadbeach Medical Centre, ask one of the receptionists to register for you, it only takes a minute.

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